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Wilbert van den Broek


Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. Here you'll find my
3D portfolio containing my latest work. There are finished, rendered pieces of virtual reality movies, product design renders, photography, personal projects and lots more.

All of the work seen here is created by yours truly from the first concept to final render, unless stated otherwise. I hope you'll find this portfolio interesting and perhaps even inspiring.
Feel free to contact me on the contact page.



During my career I've worked with a lot of 2D and 3D software on the market. The list below is a selection of the software that I'm used to work with, but as an artist I say; they are just tools. It's not the software that makes a good CGI designer, it's skill to be creative in any environment and to be passionate about it.

I'm always looking to expand my toolkit with new software, because if you want to improve your skills and quality you should never stop learning.



CGI has been my passion for a few years now. I began my career in Enschede at Saxion Kunst & Techniek and since then I never stopped learning.
I started my carreer at Marieux, an acclaimed interior designer, were I was responsible for the visualization of the interiors and furniture. After a short time my attention got drawn to the field of film and animation so I started working at Maximus Studios.
I've also worked as a 3D designer at Xidy. I was responsible for creating and designing product displays, shop in shops and other instore retail solutions.
My current position is Senior VR / AR Artist at ISAAC VR. As a lead artist I'm responsible for projects from start to end. Sometimes it takes me on set for VFX supervision, other times I'm shooting hundreds of photos for a photogrammetry project. I'm still learning new skills every day.

Film and visual effects, illustrations and architectural visualization, games, product design; within 3D I have a great variety of interest. Aside from my professional work I'm always working on some personal projects, and when I'm not on my computer you can find me taking pictures with my EOS 350. For more information feel free to contact me. Don't forget to check out my portfolio as well.

Wilbert van den Broek

3D Artist

I'm a 3D Artist currently located in Sint Anthonis, The Netherlands. During my career I learned a wide variety of skills, from VFX, photography and camerawork to games, digital print, and product design.

I'm very passionate about modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics and rendering.


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